According to the Florida Sports Foundation, golf is an $11 billion industry. Florida is also home to over 1,100 golf courses, with over 48 million rounds of golf played each year and the majority played by local Florida residents. That’s a lot of golf! It’s no wonder amateur and pro golfers are installing backyard outdoor putting greens in their private residences and even at commercial facilities to improve their golf game.

Imagine if you owned an outdoor putting green in your backyard to practice golf putts. How often would you practice your putt swing in your backyard outdoor putting green? You might practice in the morning, during the day if you’re retired, or perhaps for an hour after work? The time of day you practice is not as important as having the freedom to practice whenever you want as long as you have a synthetic backyard outdoor putting green installed in your yard.

Perhaps you consider yourself an outstanding golfer, and we would agree with you. However, every golf pro will tell you; practice sharpens your golf skills. While most golfers can hit a ball down the fairway, the real challenge comes in the putt. Golfers know that the two critical factors in a perfect putt are the putter face angle and swing path direction. For distance control, rhythm and swing are important putting factors. EasyGreens installation of synthetic putting turfs in Florida is becoming increasingly popular among golfers as they know the value that practice brings to their game.

The EasyGreens Backyard Outdoor Putting Green Advantage

Miami, Florida, has some of the nation’s best weather, making it easy to install, maintain, and practice on artificial turf putting greens year-round. EasyGreens artificial turf installers are experts in the fake turf business. They have been installing synthetic grass and putting greens for over ten years in South Florida. What this means for you is a quality installation job at a competitive price.

Aside from quality and friendly service by the EasyGreens team, the advantage of installing a backyard outdoor putting green in your home is the reduced cost of water usage. With South Florida water restrictions limiting the days you can water your living lawn, residents risk turning their lawn yellow or even the grass dying.

On the other hand, rain in Florida can be brutal for lawns. Flooding from heavy seasonal rains may cause damage to your grass as too much water is equally poor for maintaining a healthy-looking yard. Add in the cost of maintaining natural turf, and your expenses skyrocket.

Over time, the cost of installing artificial outdoor putting greens is more attractive than maintaining natural grass putting greens. Add in the convenience of practicing your golf putt in your own backyard, thus saving money on gas and course fees; your savings really add up.

How to get Installation for Your Backyard Outdoor Putting Greens

While some people prefer to install putting greens as a weekend do-it-yourself (DIY) project, we recommend contacting EasyGreens first to learn how they can save you money and time with a professionally installed artificial putting green. We provide a friendly and knowledgeable team of installers to assist you in the putting green installation process and answer any questions you may have.

Contact us today for a no-nonsense quote on installation for a backyard outdoor putting green or for more information on any artificial turf installation project. Use the form below to contact us or call us toll free at +1 305-632-3661