The Value of an Artificial Grass Playground

EasyGreens provides artificial grass playgrounds for play areas. The synthetic grass for playgrounds is easily installed in backyards, city and community parks, or educational facilities. As a premier provider of artificial grass in South Florida, we provide various artificial grass installation solutions to meet your recreational or business needs.

Artificial Grass Playground Benefits

Imagine a backyard play area for children or a city recreational area like a community park where kids can play without scraping their knees on hard grass and soil with rocks. Now imagine a beautiful backyard playground that saves you money on your water bill and lawn maintenance costs. You’re probably wondering how it’s possible to save on water and maintenance costs while protecting playing children. The answer is simple, install an artificial grass playground in your backyard, school, or city park.

There are plenty of benefits to installing artificial grass playgrounds, some of which we identify for you below.

  • Practically no watering cost and no water waste
  • Safer for children
  • A clean play environment
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Durable material
  • Weather-resistant
  • Good drainage
  • Reduced bare spots or holes in your lawn
  • May reduce allergies

Practically no watering cost and no water waste

Let’s be realistic; the cost of water is rising across America and especially in Florida. One way to avoid high water bills is to install artificial turf like an artificial grass playground. The synthetic turf looks and feels practically real, but with huge savings on your water bill. What’s more, without watering your fake grass playground, you avoid excess water waste and runoff, which helps reduce the impact on the environment. The savings on water usage is reason enough to install an EasyGreens artificial grass playground in your yard, school, or city park. 

Artificial Grass Playground are Safer for children

Children will be children, meaning they will run through the playground, fall, scrape their knees and get dirty with grass stains. Artificial grass provides an extra barrier between the ground and your child’s knees. Synthetic grass is an excellent ground cover that helps absorb the impact when a child falls. Wood chips, sand, or other natural materials are too coarse and do not provide a safe playing environment. Artificial turf for playgrounds offers the best of both worlds; a natural-looking synthetic lawn that is safe for your children to play on.

Artificial grass playground offer a clean play environment

Let’s face it, we were kids once too. We ran through dirt, mud and crawled through the grass just to get home and have our moms and dads shake their heads in dismay at our filthy, stained clothes.

Installing artificial grass in playgrounds is perhaps one of the cleanest environments for children to play on. Artificial turf is not dirty, and kids will not get grass stains on their clothes if they roll around on the synthetic grass playground. Follow proper cleaning and maintenance schedules for your artificial grass. You will be able to maintain its cleanliness and longevity.

Low maintenance costs

Artificial turf requires minimal cleaning and maintenance. On the other hand, natural grass requires constant maintenance. There is a need for regular watering, weekly mowing, quarterly fertilizing, and additional care to keep the grass alive and healthy. All of these services come with a cost. Add the lawn care services up, and the price of maintaining natural grass is higher than installing artificial turf. 

Durable material

Playground artificial grass is durable and can with stand the heavy use imposed by children running and playing. The synthetic turf is manufactured with durable nylon fibers that are not easily torn. Natural grass may become “ripped” from the soil, leaving exposed soil that can be messy and potentially lead to dead or exposed grass spots.

Artificial grass playgrounds are resistant to abrasion. Their nylon fibers “spring back” into place, unlike natural grass blades that appear flat or squashed when walked or played on. The artificial grass lasts longer and keeps its “fresh look” longer.  


As a result of the severe weather conditions we often experience in Florida, artificial turf holds up better than other playground and playset surfaces. Other popular surfaces can peel, crack, separate, and fade due to Florida’s weather elements, especially during the summer months. 

The harsh weather not only makes the other non-artificial grass options less efficient but can also look beaten and run-down. Natural grass does not do any better in the Florida rains. Too much rain may damage your natural grass or even cause the grass to die. This can leave you with an unappealing yard and more expenses for landscape services. The best solution is to install artificial turf for your playgrounds and play sets. 

Good drainage

Artificial turf offers exceptional drainage. Water and other liquids drain away from the artificial turf quickly, leaving the artificial grass playground or play areas drier than natural grass and free from puddles. Quick-draining is an advantage for preschools and other educational facilities where children play and can potentially become dirty from muddy water. Reduced bare spots or holes in your lawn 

With synthetic grass, you are less likely to get bare spots or holes as you would with natural grass. The durability of artificial grass playgrounds resists bare spots and holes. This helps your play area remains new and stay safe and clean for years, with regular cleaning and maintenance. 

May reduce allergies

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, natural grass allergies are common. If children are allergic and exposed to natural grass, they may experience nasal symptoms, skin rashes and eye symptoms. This can be concerning for both the child and parents. A good and effective way to reduce the chances of allergies is to install artificial grass for your playgrounds and play areas. Synthetic grass drastically helps reduce any potential allergy problems and keeps children more active and playing longer. 

Artificial Grass Playground Applications

Artificial turf is an excellent option for playgrounds. Play sets can sit on artificial grass, depending on how it is installed and what type of materials are used for their base.  Some applications for artificial grass playgrounds include:

  • Backyards
  • Private and Public school playgrounds
  • Public playgrounds
  • Daycare or preschool playgrounds and other play areas
  • Green spaces in public parks
  • Parks or green space in private communities
  • Dog parks
  • Outdoor play areas at dog boarding facilities
  • Green spaces in apartment or condo complexes
  • Outdoor sports fields
  • Outdoor green spaces at commercial buildings

Artificial Grass Playground Installation

For more information about how a synthetic turf playground can benefit you, contact EasyGreens for a quote or more information. 


Your investment costs for installing artificial grass playgrounds vary. The type of material used and the excavation required play a role in determining the price. On average, EasyGreens suggest budgeting between $5 to $10 per square foot. However, to meet your specific artificial turf play area needs and for an accurate investment cost, we recommend that you obtain a free quote from us. Complete the form on this page or our contact page.
There are pros and cons for artificial turf. However, artificial grass for playgrounds are safer than natural grass because they are not abrasive and may help reduce impact when a child falls on the synthetic grass as opposed to a fall on a harder surface like natural grass.
Yes, artificial grass is good and safe for play areas. The synthetic grass is cleaner for children to play on and reduces the need to water or for water to gather and create a slippery situation or dirty puddles.
Yes, depending on how your artificial grass playground is constructed, you are able to add swing sets and other play items on your artificial grass.
Yes, we offer a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty against any discoloration and fiber loss. We also provide a 5-year installation warranty that covers your seams and edges.

We service all of South Florida, from Palm Beach to the Keys. We also serve Florida’s west coast, depending on the job type. For more information, we encourage you to contact us or call us toll-free: +1 305-632-3661